How to Grow

Growing your MicroAcres microgreens is easy! Follow the THREE steps below:


STEP 1. PLANT (5 mins)

TIP: Water level should be above the green spacer.

TIP: Ensure that the burlap on the sides of the mat goes down the sides and  touches the water.

IMPORTANT: Press seed tray cover

(Water level SHOULD wet the top of the seed mat when pressing to activate the seeds).

Add more water as needed to ensure seeds are activated but not going over the surface of the mat.



 Keep tray in a dark place to allow germination. 


After 3-4 days, you will see the tiny seedlings push the seed cover. This means that your micros are ready for the light!

Uncover and expose to the light. 

Initially, microgreens will appear yellow as they have not yet been exposed to the light. 

While waiting prior to harvest make sure water level is just above the green spacer but NOT over the seedmat. 



Microgreens are the first 7-10 days of the plants and are marked by its first set of leaves.

Once ready for harvest, you can add it to your food for additional nutrients, flavor, and presentation. 


Use a pair of clean scissors and harvest above the soil line. 



TIP: Storage of microgreens

You can harvest and wrap micros in a paper towel before putting inside a plastic container to ensure freshness.

These can last for a week inside the refrigerator.